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Growing In Dirt
Lyrics: John Popper
Music: John Popper

I am corruptible by name
And I basically know how to master any simple game
And I shall twist in the wind
And like a blade of grass I'll survive and I'll win

And grow in dirt
And it can hurt
To grow in dirt
Sometimes it hurts

I nourish by my labor and pain
I burn up in the sun and I drown in the rain
And I'm told that its good to grow
But its not like there's a choice
Because didn't you know

We grow in dirt
And it can hurt
To grow in dirt
Sometimes it hurts

By every reprieve that I choose to believe
With every code that I stand by
I'm just a man with a stick in my hand
And I helplessly jab at the sky
Its my nature to try
Helps the time pass by

And I have this real need to talk loud
For I'm so meek and humble
It makes me arrogant and proud
And I won't be afraid to die
For I shall live forever
And here's my reason why

I grow in dirt
And its gonna hurt
To grow in dirt
Sometimes it hurts
To grow in dirt
Sometimes it hurts

1999 John Popper

First release: Zygote
Released: 09/09/1999
Earliest time played: 09/11/1997
Last time played: 01/26/2000
Playing frequency:
  24 plays (see all shows)
  1.29% of shows in the database
  2.18% of shows since debut
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Song information:
  Originally titled "Growing in Dirt", this song premiered at John's 1997 solo show, where he announced it would be on the next album (the aborted concept album The Sun, The Storm & The Traveler).
  The title was changed to "R. Hero" to reflect the name of that album's supposed protagonist, but it was never played by the band. Once the album was shelved, John changed the name back and recorded it for Zygote.

Other recordings of "Growing In Dirt":
  Faceplant!, 1999