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Lyrics: John Popper
Music: John Popper

Raise your head
Meagerest of fledglings
And breathe in deep
And cease to cry
For life it beats within you
To fix upon the sky
And fix upon...

The sky
Is beckoning your coming
Your feathered nest
Has grown too small
The wind
Is here to greet you
Spread your wings and simply fall
Spread your wings and simply fall
Spread your wings
Spread your wings and simply...

Into the rushing air
And struggle
And fight to rise above
And then surrender
To your freedoms
For these are the pains of love
And these are the many pains of love
And many, many are the pains of ...love

That frightening fall has become a friend
With gravity now do you play
Inches from death and the frozen ground
And then away
The clouds separate to reveal the warmth
Of the goldenest bright shining sea
Night falls and it's gone again
But now you're free
To give it chase
And to...

Soar through heaven
Mightiest of eagles
And rule your minions
Of the sky
The earth
Is far below you
Once its prisoner now do you fly
Once just a fledgling now
Do you fly
Now my fledgling now my fledgling do you


1993 Blues Traveler Pub. Corp.

First release: Save His Soul
Released: 04/06/1993
Earliest time played: 03/31/1992
Last time played: 07/04/2013
Playing frequency:
  9 plays (see all shows)
  0.48% of shows in the database
  0.57% of shows since debut
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Song information:
  This song is difficult for John to sing, and as such, had a four-year hiatus after being "retired" in 1992. It was brought back on New Year's Eve 1996 to bookend "Onslaught", which had been retired for the same length of time, and for similar reasons.
  This is supposedly John's mother's favorite song. John also liked it so much that he wanted the world to hear it - so he rerecorded it as the final track on his solo album, Zygote.

Other recordings of "Fledgling":
  Zygote, 1999