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Dropping Some NYC
Lyrics: John Popper
Music: Chan Kinchla, Bobby Sheehan

Come on everybody take a trip with us
Gonna raise some hell gonna raise a fuss
Cost you a dollar if you care to see
So just belly on up and tell me what'll it be

I've got a little something that I don't think you've tried
No need to run, no need to hide
Just take a little taste and tell me, what do you see
'Cause tonight we're gonna drop a little NYC

Having some fun, well, all of us are
Everyone around you's gonna be a star
'Cause it's the best and the worst, and it's life out loud
Don't mind if I preach; don't wanna get too proud

It's hard to be humble when it's all at your feet
And someday soon, it's gonna leave the street
They say the truth shall set you free
Well you're on parole when you're on NYC

2, 3, 4...dropping some NYC
Dropping some NYC (dropping some NY)
Dropping some NYC (dropping, dropping)
Dropping some NYC...

1990 Blues Traveler Music

First release: Dropping Some NYC
Released: 01/01/1989
Earliest time played: 11/02/1989
Last time played: 10/17/2013
Playing frequency:
  570 plays (see all shows)
  30.68% of shows in the database
  31.18% of shows since debut
  Detailed statistics
Song information:
  Blues Traveler's hometown song. They invariably play it sometime during a New York-area show after they've been on the road for a while.
  At the beginning of the album cut, you can hear downtown traffic; in the middle, an ambulance siren can be heard.
  The handclaps on the album version of this song are credited to Justin Niebank, the record's producer. The claps at the end are of various friends assembled in the studios during recording. They can be heard saying "Good one", "Whoo doggy!" and "Yeah!"
  The song is about the effect of living in New York City - which is a drug in and of itself, according to the lyrics.

Other recordings of "Dropping Some NYC":
  Blues Traveler, 1990
  Greene Street Dumps, 1990
  Roadshow, 1991
  Blues Traveler 95', 1995
  Blues Traveler 95', 1995

belly on up
A phrse most often used in bars, to "belly up" to something means simply to come close to it (close enough to put one's belly on it).
drop a little NYC
A play on the phrase "dropping some LSD", slang for taking a dose of acid, a common drug in the concert scene. To the band, the experience of playing in their hometown of New York City gives them a similar high.