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Something Sweet

Play me something sweet
Something with a beat
That takes my cares away
Something real and true
Something bright or blue
And get me through this dark and stormy day
Cover me in sunlight
With every note you play
Play me something sweet
Something with a beat
And I will be okay

Make it something slow
Something we all know
But never heard before
Make us feel alright
Whether day or night
When nothing seems to mean much anymore
Older than the ocean
But younger than the shore
Make it something real
Real and right
And let my spirits soar

I never worked so hard just to make ends meet
And Second Avenue just seems like a dead-end street
I don't know anyone who ain't struggling nowadays
Too many good folks hurting bad
In way too many ways

Play me something sweet
Something strong
That will not break or bend
Something that can carry
Me along
On days when friends can't even help a friend
Let the song inside you
Rise and grow and then
Play me something sweet
And your sweet soul
Will help me smile again

First release: John Popper & The Duskray Troubadours
Released: 03/01/2011
Earliest time played: 02/28/2011
Last time played: 06/01/2011
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  0.70% of shows in the database
  12.62% of shows since debut
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