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Defense & Desire
Lyrics: John Popper
Music: Bobby Sheehan

Step in from the rain
It's the nightingales on 2nd Avenue and I can't complain
It's a busy night
The regulars know me but all the same they decide I'm alright
Whiskey hit me fast
Don't mess with that stranger over there he'll do the same & you both may last

No I won't regret
The air is thick and wet
With defense & desire

Little girl what you doing here
Don't mess with that vampire in the corner who beckons you near
Are you waiting for the band to play
It's too loud in here for words but those staring eyes have much to say
If you meet those eyes in fun
Could be trouble for you if you don't back up what you've begun

No I won't regret
The air is thick and wet
With defense & desire

Gonna run the show someday
Gonna buy this bar and everything in it and run it all my way
Talk to you about it till dawn
Tell you all my plans and twisted dreams until the blow is gone
By providence I'm sent
Into this unsuspecting tavern to build and feed on your discontent

No I won't regret
The air is thick and wet
With defense & desire

1993 Blues Traveler Pub. Corp.

First release: Save His Soul
Released: 04/06/1993
Earliest time played: 12/26/1992
Last time played: 10/17/2013
Playing frequency:
  239 plays (see all shows)
  12.86% of shows in the database
  15.56% of shows since debut
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Song information:
  The entire song is a reference to one of Blues Traveler's old haunts, the Nightingale Bar on 2nd avenue and 13th street in Manhattan. This is where the now-famous Gina discovered the band.

Other recordings of "Defense & Desire":
  Defense & Desire/Lucky Lack, 1993
  Defense & Desire, 1993
  Defense & Desire, 1993
  Cover Yourself, 2007

It's the nightingales on 2nd Avenue
A reference to the Nightingale Bar, the band's first regular haunt in New York.
vampire in the corner
For years, a cocaine ring ran out of the Nightingale, through a dealer named Willie. Everyone knew about him, but nobody ever said or did anything about it. In the summer of '98, the police finally busted in and closed the bar down, but allowed it to reopen with the condition that the "vampire in the corner" not be allowed to return.
until the blow is gone
"Blow" is slang for cocaine, another reference to the drug ring mentioned above.