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Show Me
Lyrics: John Popper
Music: Marcus Bleecker, DJ Logic, Tad Kinchla, John Popper

Show me how a prison gets made
Slick walls enclosing hope
Show me the gates to paradise
Could be the same building depending which way you walk
Show me which way to go

Show me that picture of that time in that place
Show me when I was really happy
And everything was perfect
Show me that memory always
Paints a rosy picture

You only show me how you show me
And it shows

Show me what I'm dying to see
Show it to me eagerly
I ain't from Missouri I'm from misery
So show me me how to set me free
Show the writing on the wall
Show the calm before the squall
Show me when I move in close
How your eyes begin to close
Show me the door show me the street
Show me the endings incomplete
Show to me the sun and sea
There's so much that you show to me

Show me
Show me

First release: The John Popper Project
Released: 10/03/2006

This song has never been performed live by Blues Traveler.