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Louisiana Sky
Lyrics: John Popper, Marcel A. Wilks
Music: Marcus Bleecker, DJ Logic, Tad Kinchla, John Popper

Are we supposed to be strong?
Are we supposed to be equal?
All I heard or observed
Are we disposable people?
Louisiana sky
Don't hide the sun from me
Don't make it rain on me
DOn't make it run from me
Some say the city below sea level is vanishing
We lost our homes but we're hungry and managing
I can't find my Moms
Can't locate my kids
I don't know where my dog or my tabby is
Above clouds Louisiana's loud and overflowing
U know the rest and the weedz keeps growing

Comes the sun to Louisiana skies
The storm has passed and the bayou cries
Washed away lives and sins
From out and under it begins
We struggle underneath the Louisiana sky
It's slim pickings but we take a slice of humble pie
Beneath the yellow sky our spirits is strong
Louisiana let's rock on

Nowhere to go
Nothing to prove
All that remains a single groove
From Mardi Gras to Congo Square
A pulse to shuffle and it's all still there
In the early hours
In the morning haze
From the oldest dance to the latest craze
Hold your head up to Louisiana sky
Big Easy children, build your levee high

Combining history with chicory and hickory sauce
The battle's on between soldiers but the victory's lost
9th Ward as it was, love of transition and all
After the rain our position was off
Our tradition scoffed, man makin' plantation swampland
Travel into a hidden world of girls
I can remember love of this Louisiana odyssey
Of mysticism, magicians and magical commodities
After rain when we heard that the storm's comin'
Mammals and birds let us know that the storm's comin'
Move, stop, move 'em off rooftops, relieve us
Slow molasses these asses from FEMA

Comes the sun to Louisiana sky
Storm has passed and the bayou cries
Washed away lives and sins
From out and under it begins

First release: The John Popper Project
Released: 10/03/2006

This song has never been performed live by Blues Traveler.