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Who Is This?

Please tell me why when I try to lift my head
But in a way her vision stays
And I can't move
With a hope or a prayer that I don't dare to believe
My reprieve comes to me based on nothing I can prove

And when all that I think could relinquish and fade
By her hand, why do I stand by, content to be tormented?
But the worst, my thirst just to see her again
I'll pretend it doesn't matter
And feeling has relented

Who is this?
For eternal honor in my blood?
I feel you flowing in my veins
Who is this?

She creeps into a dream, I wanna scream out her name
But all the same I hold off
And feel like I'm holding out

and I fragilely say
That it's OK
I hold on forever
But I am wrong, I was strong,
I can remember what happened, oh, oh

Now it's all I can do
To muddle through and ignore
What I'm sure is only love
And it's growing by the day

Like a broom across the floor
And so sure I was appointed
By the skies
Was I wise to run outside and play?

Who is this?
For eternal honor of my blood
I feel you flowing in my veins
Who is this?

And I want to be a friend
And I contend that in the end
The love I spend beneath the magic
Of reading of the cards)

All I want is to be calm
Since she's the one with my own answer
Now at last I can ask
But the question still comes on

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