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Trina Magna
Lyrics: John Popper
Music: John Popper

As I
Was taught to lead
I was fed well
On what had come before
Who had ever lived
Left a lesson
Regarding what's in store

Were just like you and me
Guessing their asses off
Oh yes, they tried to guess well

It's our turn now
I hope we're forgiven
Chalk it up to knowledge and change
And life itself

And as I
Shall learn to follow
I'll feed the leaders
With everything I can
Bring revolutions
That try as I may
I just won't understand

Will be just like you and me
Pretending they're not guessing
As if we couldn't tell

It'll be their turn then
I hope we can forgive them
Chalk it up to knowledge and change
And life itself

It seems a cycle that we all seem to share
The passing from hand to hand of our pride and despair
Both parent and child cry apathy but everybody cares
And then we vanish in thin air
And only time is there
Time and a legacy...

History holds questions for everyone
A story that's only just begun
Blind past the goddamn horizon
Sees more than father less than son
Life and death merely pretending
We're part of the infinite ending

Are gonna teach and learn
We're gonna get fed well
And then we shall feed
We are ancient
We are brand spanking new

We shall follow and lead

Cause we

Are simply you and me
In proving our traditions
On the brink of heaven and hell

We each get a turn
And then we're forgiven
And we call it knowledge and change
And life itself
And we call it knowledge and change
And life itself
And we call it knowledge and change

And life...

1993 Blues Traveler Pub. Corp.

First release: Birmingham Alabama, April 1992
Released: 04/03/1992
Earliest time played: 03/28/1992
Last time played: 07/04/2013
Playing frequency:
  110 plays (see all shows)
  5.92% of shows in the database
  6.92% of shows since debut
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Song information:
  This song is John's attempt at reconciling his view of religion. Read more about it in the official FAQ.
  The second of two Chant Poll winners in 2002; it was brought back on 11/10/2002 after a four-year absence.

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knowledge and change/And life itself
Trina Magna, Latin for "the big three", is a reference to the holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. "Knowledge" could refer to the Father, who imparts it to his Son, who is the "change", while the Holy Spirit is what provides "life itself".
vanish in thin air
Originally a line from Shakespeare's Othello, this line was simply "vanish into air".
brand spanking new
While the 'spanking' part of this phrase comes from the now-rare practice of obstetricians giving newborns a whack on the behind to start them breathing, 'brand new' itself has an idiomatic root. In the Middle Ages, a 'brand' was something burning, like a flame or fire for working metal; hence, somethign that was 'brand new' had just been molded in the fire.