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The Tiding
Music: John Popper, Chan Kinchla, Bobby Sheehan, Brendan Hill

Here... it... comes...

1991 Blues Traveler Music

First release: Travelers & Thieves
Released: 09/03/1991
Earliest time played: 06/28/1991
Last time played: 07/04/2011
Playing frequency:
  18 plays (see all shows)
  0.97% of shows in the database
  1.07% of shows since debut
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Song information:
  This song is almost always played as the introduction to Onslaught, thought it did not debut until a year and a half after Onslaught was written. It has also been used to introduce Sweet Talking Hippie.

Other recordings of "The Tiding":
  Travelers & Thieves/On Tour Forever, 1991

Besides the twisted voice saying "Here it comes", it is possible to hear someone (probably John) laughing around 36 seconds in, as well as thunder crashing in the background at various points.