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The Best Part
Lyrics: John Popper
Music: John Popper

Well what do you know here we are again
Been a long time I can't remember when
Well I wrote another one and guess who it's for
Don't mind if I'm embarrassed I can't take it anymore
You know I travel the world but I don't go no place
And I got you to blame and the smile on your face
You know I look in your eyes I see a part of me there
So excuse my directness, but I just don't care

What I think I'm talking about is a last ditch chance
Don't care about the likelihood or circumstance
It seems I am still here and I am waiting for you
And I've no reason no time and an excellent view
Of your eyes in my head and it's killing me
But the possibilities are thrilling me
So I guess I'll sit right here with nothing better to do
And to top it all of you know the best part is...

That I love you
I'm singing I love you
Please, make it the best part
Make it the best part

I'm gonna let you on in on a big surprise
My heart is where the eagle flies
Yeah I'm the master of my destiny
That's why I need you right here with me
You see I've come to learn that without you around
I might as well be standing on the ground
And with you with me and with me with you
There's not a goddamn thing that we could not do

I'm not talking about us never being alone
I'm just suggesting we make the world our home
You've got to fly free and so do I
And this way we'd never need to say good-bye
But instead things like "see you soon"
And "explore and play"
And "the one you love is not far away
But safe in your heart to see you through"
And to top it all of you know the best part is that I

Love you
I'm singing I love you
Please, make it the best part
Make it the best part

I'm gonna take you take you by the hand
You know even General Custer had to make a stand
I'll drop in from the skies or I'll move in slow
But there's so damn much that I want you to know
So take a look around you tell me what do you see?
Then take those eyes and take a look at me
You know you see things that others don't
So if you think I'll go away, I won't

You see my engine's blown and it is time to punt
And there's an element of danger pulling off this stunt
But the survey says that I don't seem to mind
And you're the adventure I'm trying to find
There's a whole lot of things that other people have said
But I don't care if I'm correct or if it's all in my head
So damn the torpedoes and cock a doodle-doo!
And to top it all of you know the best part is...
That I love you

I'm singing I love you
Please, I'm down on my knees
In the north and the south and the east and the west
Make it the very, very, very
best best part best part

1991 Blues Traveler Music

First release: Travelers & Thieves
Released: 09/03/1991
Earliest time played: 08/23/1990
Last time played: 07/04/2011
Playing frequency:
  84 plays (see all shows)
  4.52% of shows in the database
  4.74% of shows since debut
  Detailed statistics
Song information:
  John once protested to the crowd at a solo show that he hated playing this song on acoustic guitar because it hurt his arm to strum so fast.
  The removal of the chorus after each verse was done after a suggestion from Rich Vink, their front of house engineer until 1995.
  John's explanation of the song can be found on the official site in the Firing Line FAQ.

Other recordings of "The Best Part":
  Travelers & Thieves/On Tour Forever, 1991
  Travelers & Thieves pre-production tape, 1991
  Chunky but Funky, 1995

last ditch chance
"Last-ditch" is a battle term referring to the practice of digging trenches for protection. The last ditch would be the final line of defense against defeat.
even General Custer had to make a stand
General George A. Custer was a Civil War soldier who was later commissioned to escort and protect the crew working on the extension of railroad tracks to the west coast. In June of 1876, his troop of seven hundred men was ambushed by five thousand Sioux Indians and killed in the Battle of the Little Big Horn, famously known as Custer's Last Stand.
my engine's blown and it's time to punt
A mixed metaphor of sports images - a blown engine basically signifies that a car is out of a race. "Time to punt" is from football and also signifies that a team cannot advance any farther and has to give up the ball.
survey says
"Survey says..." is the line used by the host of the game show Family Feud, where members of a team must guess the top answers to questions asked on a survey of American people.
damn the torpedoes
"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" was the reported reponse of Admiral David Glasgow Farragut after one of his fleet's mine-sweeping ships had been disabled at the Civil War battle of Mobile Bay (mines were then known as torpedoes). Farragut put his own ship into the lead, navigated through the mines, and forced the enemy forts to surrender.