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Spinning Spiraling Machine

Spinning, spiraling machine
Tumble and toil at my command
Imagination, be my eye
Bring your vision to my hand

Spinning, spiraling machine
I've a prayer for you to hear
Let not your gear wheels fly away
Bringing cause for me to fear

For in this world of grand illusion
Muscles tear and muscles heal
And muscles have their own perception
And muscles need to know the real

It's a muscle that beats and pumps the blood flow
And hearts, they need a chance to grow
Nourished on attempts to understand them
The progress comes out ever slow

Like a flash of lightning to a blind man
A coat of paint upon the wall
You never let them see my horrible pain
You never let them see the fall

I will not care if points a finger
I will not care if called insane
It's in the storm I will find shelter
If lost and lonely I'll complain

Spinning, spiraling machine
You spin and spiral in my head
'Tis up to me if I'm to love you
'Tis up to me if I'm to dread
'Tis up to me if I'm to love you
'Tis up to me if I'm to dread

First release: Four studio tape
Released: 02/04/1994
Earliest time played: 03/20/1993
Last time played: 08/29/2003
Playing frequency:
  47 plays (see all shows)
  2.53% of shows in the database
  3.08% of shows since debut
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Song information:
  This song won the 1999 Chant Poll but was not brought back until 08/28/2001, a five-year absence.