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Save His Soul
Lyrics: Brendan Hill
Music: Brendan Hill

Hot lights across his face
They told him he was just a disgrace
Stripped down like a frightened child
A shadow stood before him
He thought he saw a smile

Guilty of nothing more than fear
It was the dogs of war that sent him here
Caught across enemy lines
Shot in the back
Now he's running out of time

They all said they loved him
But where were they all now
Thinking about his hometown
Back in New York City

A slap across his face
Brings him back to this painful place
He would not talk God save his soul
They took him out and beat him
His mind felt cold

A change takes place
It makes you feel numb
Realizing you're just a man
Can make your soul want to run

Standing in the firing line
The smoke fills his lungs one last time
And with his last breath he cries out
"Dear God what have I done"

A shot rings out

1993 Blues Traveler Pub. Corp.

First release: Save His Soul
Released: 04/06/1993
Earliest time played: 12/26/1992
Last time played: 07/04/2013
Playing frequency:
  337 plays (see all shows)
  18.14% of shows in the database
  21.94% of shows since debut
  Detailed statistics
Song information:
  This is the only title track that Blues Traveler has ever written.
  After the gunshot at the end of the song on the album (which is replaced with a different, musical ending in concert), you can hear footsteps walking away.

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dogs of war
"Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war." - William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act III.

The "dogs" here may not be literal canines, but could be symbolic (meaning "ruin", as in "going to the dogs") or another meaning altogether, that of an old device used for fastening (which, when "slipped", or removed, would release whatever it was holding).