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Lyrics: John Popper
Music: Chan Kinchla

When the fire
In your belly
ain't been shrinking
And there's nothing
Laying around that you could be drinking
Take no mind
As that stranger tries to pass you
Is he blind?
Or couldn't he clearly see the train?
Couldn't he feel the bloody stain?
Not that I'm one to complain
Why do we chaw upon the pain?

It's just the rage
Just the rage
Just rage

Close my eyes
Pull me in and take my tongue
Taste the lies
That dance around us and we're among
Break your heart
Run out now and tear it up
Then you can start
To give that inner brat a hug
Till the dickhead pulls the rug
Take the fall from high above
No details to what you love

It's just the rage
Just the rage
Just rage

Calls a masterpiece
"Come and paint me, here I am"
And it's my disease
That I am raging all the time
Fought for reason, fought for rhyme
Then I'm walking up the line
The voice it calls
I must abide
Bound for glory on the other side

It's just the rage
Just rage
Just rage

Just rage
Just rage
Just rage
Just rage
Just rage

2001 Blues Traveler Publishing Corporation

First release: Bridge
Released: 05/08/2001
Earliest time played: 10/03/2000
Last time played: 06/13/2009
Playing frequency:
  68 plays (see all shows)
  3.66% of shows in the database
  7.47% of shows since debut
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Song information:
  The music for the chorus of this tune was taken from the unreleased song Her & Me.

Other recordings of "Rage":
  Live: What You And I Have Been Through, 2002

fire/in your belly
Someone with "fire in the belly" has great ambition for power or a drive to reach a goal. The origin is unknown but may come from the days of potbellied stoves, which literally had a fire in their "bellies".
pulls the rug
To have the rug pulled out from under someone is to have support for them removed suddenly and unexpectedly - literally, a person would fall over if they had the rug pulled out from under them.