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Mountain Cry
Lyrics: Brendan Hill
Music: Brendan Hill

I met my girl on a mountain side
Looking for warmth and a place to hide
She took me in as the day grew long
As we lay by the fire our love grew strong

I left the city for its dirt and grime
The factory walls to make mountain time
I found love, but she slipped away
Now I'm alone, but here I'll stay

I keep on looking till this very day
For my baby...my baby...(so far)...who's gone away
I'll search... search this land till my dyin' day
A sweet loving woman, make a mountain
Make a mountain
Make a mountain
Mountain cry
Make a mountain (mountain cry)
Come on baby
Mountain cry
Mountain cry
Make a mountain cry

Lay by the fire and I was not afraid
Finally could see by the light of the fire we made
Then one day the fire was gone
Baby left me on my mountainside alone

First release: Travelers & Thieves
Released: 09/03/1991
Earliest time played: 08/23/1990
Last time played: 10/11/2012
Playing frequency:
  191 plays (see all shows)
  10.28% of shows in the database
  10.77% of shows since debut
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Song information:
  This song represents the first recording of a song written by someone other than John.
  The introduction to this song (the first few minutes) are written in 15/8 time.

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