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Mother Funker

Mother Funker!

If you see her come, you better look away
When she's down for a kill, that bitch is ready to play
If you need some time, she'll hook you for a while
With her jasmine eyes and her granite smile
Her kingdom's One Twenty Fifth to the Lower East Side
For the proper fee she'll hook you for that ride
Through her bad ass haunts that span all across town
She can speak with the chic as well as get the funk down



So if you crave brass rings, then son you'd best beware
But if that's the case, then you're already there
She'll spit you out and leave you wanting more
The queen of the night is just a burnt out whore

First release: Let's Travel
Released: 01/01/1988
Earliest time played: 11/07/1988
Last time played: 07/07/2006
Playing frequency:
  202 plays (see all shows)
  10.87% of shows in the database
  10.93% of shows since debut
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Song information:
  The subject of an informal netter chant at Red Rocks 1997; it was played despite having only been performed once in the two preceding years.