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Manhattan Bridge
Music: Chan Kinchla

I believe in you...

1993 Blues Traveler Pub. Corp.

First release: Birmingham Alabama, April 1992
Released: 04/03/1992
Earliest time played: 03/31/1992
Last time played: 10/07/2013
Playing frequency:
  285 plays (see all shows)
  15.34% of shows in the database
  17.95% of shows since debut
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Song information:
  This is Blues Traveler's first recorded instrumental and may be the first one they even played, other than at the Blues Band Jam demo. The "I believe in you" is said by a woman, who is unidentified and uncredited on the album.
  The Manhattan Bridge runs from the lower east side - where Nightengale's is - to Brooklyn, where they used to live. Every night they would drive over it on their way to and back from a gig in the city.

Other recordings of "Manhattan Bridge":
  Save His Soul, 1993