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Commercial Studio LP Release

Track listing:
1. Walk Not Run
2. Smile
3. Rabbi's Daughter
4. Straight Right to Me
5. Dominique Dear
6. Chameleon
7. I
8. The Emperor
9. Who's Responsible
10. Brave Face
11. King Solomon
12. Walk in Love

Songs by Blues Traveler or featuring a Blues Traveler member are:
1. Smile    
2. Walk Not Run    
3. Straight Right To Me    
4. Who's Responsible    
5. Dominique Dear    
6. Chameleon    
7. I    
8. Support Your Local Emperor    
9. Rabbi's Daughter    
10. Brave Face    
11. King Solomon    
12. Walk In Love    

Date of release:  2001

This appears to be a rerelease of The Devotees release: Gimme Gimme
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