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Almost Home

Commercial Studio LP Release

Track listing:
1. First One's Free [w/John Popper]
2. Big Daddy Blues
3. Talk To You
4. Move Along
5. One Horse Town
6. Hanging Out For Your Love
7. I've Been Down
8. Sad State Of Affairs [w/John Popper]
9. Miss Fabulous [w/John Popper]
10. Almost Home

Songs by Blues Traveler or featuring a Blues Traveler member are:
1. First One's Free    
2. Big Daddy Blues    
3. Talk To You    
4. Move Along    
5. One Horse Town    
6. Hanging Out For Your Love    
7. I've Been Down    
8. Sad State Of Affairs    
9. Miss Fabulous    
10. Almost Home    

Date of release:  1995-12-05

Chan Kinchla and Bob Sheehan performed as part of the Jono Manson band on this entire release.
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