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Double Blind

Commercial Studio LP Release

Track listing:
Double Blind
A Rock Musical by Avram Lavinsky

Side A
1. The Rain Song
2. Master Of Illusion
3. Coming To The Mill
4. The Delivery
5. Hangman
6. Come To Me My Wooden Leg
7. City Of Voyeurs Monologue
8. The Comedy

Side B
1. The Salad Spoons
2. Reprise On The Rebound
3. Orange Marmalade
4. Hanna
5. Tipsy Monologue
6. Omar 23:1 Monologue
7. The Cattle Song*
8. The Reunion Reprise

Omar (Songs):
Omar (Monologues):
Father Kerry:

Guitar, Bass:
Harmonica, Inhuman Sound Effects:
Keys, Accordion, MIDI Instruments:
Noelle Dowdy
Seth Ulien
Adam Hirsch
John Popper
Michel Scott
Heather Dean-Drummond

Mark Dziuba
Vinny Aleberto
John Popper
Avram Lavinsky

All material (c) 1993, Avram Lavinsky except * The Cattle Song, (c) James Katz

Songs by Blues Traveler or featuring a Blues Traveler member are:
0. Unknown song(s)    

Date of release:  1993

A rock opera penned by old friend Avram Lavinsky, this recording exists in demo form only.