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Schoolhouse Rocks the Vote


Track listing:
1. The Virtuals - Rock The Vote
2. Joan Osborne/Isaac Hayes - I'm Just A Bill
3. Etta James - Sufferin' Till Suffrage
4. Bob Dorough - The Campaign Trail
5. John Popper - The Preamble
6. Essra Mohawk & the Killer Groove Band - Do You Wanna Party?
7. The Sugarhill Gang - Fireworks
8. The Roots/Jazzyfatnastees - Three Ring Government
9. Spicy T/Shihan - Get To Know Your Electoral College
10. Grady Tate - Messin' With My Bill Of Rights!

Songs by Blues Traveler or featuring a Blues Traveler member are:
5. The Preamble     

Date of release:  1998-08-18

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