Joining the blackcat list is simple. All it takes is a trip to the listinfo page. Once you're on the list, there are several things you'll need to know. First, and most important, the list is a public forum for intelligent discussion about Blues Traveler. Spamming, flaming, advertising, chain mail, forwards, and the like are prohibited. The members of this list are a tight community of fans that respect each other. For more information about general guidelines, please visit the blackcat netiquette page. You can also read through a brief history of the list from its inception at the University of Maryland to its current incarnation at

Secondly, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the listinfo page so you'll know how to unsubscribe, digestify, postpone, reset, and post to the list. Very often the list is cluttered by posts asking for this information, which is unnecessary since it is also conveniently located on the listinfo page. Make sure you enter your email address exactly as it appears when your posts come back to you - i.e. The average list traffic is around 25 mails per day, with fewer on the weekends. Most emails are not long and reading posts takes just a short while. If volume of mail is a problem, the list can be digestified, which results in one long email consisting of all the day's postings sent at the end of the day. If you have any problems subscribing to the list, you can email the list administrator at (remove "nospam" before emailing).

With these facts in mind, hop on over to and subscribe to the list. Simply fill out the form; within minutes you should receive a confirmation email and soon after that, the posts will start to come in. Enjoy the discussion!

(Edited 5/10/2003)