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10-04-2007Release information for Cover Yourself; Fall 2007 tour is upon us - new dates & opener information

After dropping hints in interviews, releasing two tracks on flash drives at their July 4th Red Rocks show, and even promoting it both at live shows and on A&E's "Private Sessions" (now available in some markets through Comcast On Demand, if you missed it), the title, release date, and track listing of Blues Traveler's long-awaited acoustic covers album is finally available. The disc, entitled Cover Yourself, will hit stores on October 30th, and features 11 of the band's hits, spread over the 20 years of their career. The album was produced by the band with Jim Eno, drummer for Austin-based band Spoon, and will be released through Columbia/Red Ink Records, since the band has parted ways with Vanguard. The two pre-release tracks can be downloaded from the downloads page, while the track listing and cover art (when available) can be seen here.

In the meantime, the band has been planning an extensive fall tour for the first time in two years, and making good on promises from the summer. After a few dates were cancelled due to scheduling conflicts (rumors about John's health were, fortunately, just that - rumors), most have been rescheduled for this two-month jaunt around the nation, including dates in Flagstaff, AZ; San Diego, CA; Jacksonville Beach, FL; and Huntington, WV.

Things start off in New Orleans on October 6th, then immediately turn northward through mid-month, followed by a swing back south with four dates in Florida. From there the band heads west, including only their second Halloween show of the last five years, at the Pageant in St. Louis. After reaching Arizona on November 3rd, the band flies back east and from there takes a more northerly route to the west, passing through New England, New York, and the upper midwest. Opening on this leg of the tour is singer-songwriter and Pennsylvania native Lisa Bouchelle, who will be with the band on most dates through November 17th in Council Bluffs, IA. After a Thanksgiving break, the band hits the road again in Seattle and Portland a week later, takes a week-long hike down the coast to southern California with opening act Jesse Malin before returning home to New York for a show at the Roseland Ballroom with Matisyahu on December 4th. A headlining New York date is rumored, so stay tuned for more. The tour wraps up with a cluster of Colorado dates later that week, and from there, the band is off through the end of the year, and possibly more, as plans are reportedly in the works for the band's next album.