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Blues Traveler
Straight On Till Morning
by Mike Ross
Edmonton Sun, Edmonton, ALB
Jul 6th, 1997

Last year's live album was a sobering reminder that Blues Traveler is still prone to jamming until it hurts ... the listener, that is. Thank goodness the group's sixth album picks up where its last studio effort left off - with more concise songs and less empty virtuosity.

Diehards needn't worry: The blues 'n' boogie influences are still prominent and John Popper's slithering harmonica solos remain at the forefront. Although there's nothing here as infectious as the band's 1994 blockbuster hit "Run-Around", a few songs come close: "Carolina Blues", with its down-and-dirty, Chicago-blues riff; and the folky "Canadian Rose", which sounds like a Cat Stevens song and contains the unusual love-song chorus: "And she called me her ugly American/And I would call her my Canadian flower."