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Blues Traveler
Straight On Till Morning
by Cree McCree
Allstar Magazine, National
Jul 1st, 1997

Electronica comes and grunge goes but Blues Traveler endures. Bookended by two instant BT classics that put the blues back in Traveler - the kickass single "Carolina Blues" and the praise-the-lord-and-pass-the-ammunition gospelizer "Make My Way" - their fifth and hands-down strongest studio release distills their New York bar-band roots into essence of BT. The unscripted rawness of last year's concert CD Live from the Fall - which only a fan could (and did) love - is here condensed to potent effect: "Business As Usual," whether or not you buy Popper's pro-NRA rant, is a five-minute musical history of the band, complete with channeled Gozer scat-rap. Recent converts to the BT Lite four, which spawned the ubiquitous "Run-Around," will also feel at home with the equally catchy (and superior) "Canadian Rose" and the string-drenched "Yours," a bona fide ladies-choice slow dance. And if you already hate Blues Traveler, this CD will only make you hate them more.