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Blues Traveler's New Album Due July 1
by Paul Semel
Allstar Magazine, National
Mar 5th, 1997

The waiting might be the hardest part, but for fans of Blues Traveler, it won't be long now. According to an open letter written by singer John Popper in Gigs At A Glance, the band's fan club newsletter, the band is currently in Bearsville Studios in Woodstock, New York, finishing their first studio album since 1994's four.

Expecting it to be out on July 1 on A&M Records, Popper says the band is leaning towards Straight On Till Morning as the album's title, and will include the song, "Yours," which Popper calls "a high water mark for me in terms of string arranging." "Yours" is one of a handful of new songs the band has performed over the last couple of years. But while other new tunes, such as "Faith In You" and "Circle," were not mentioned in the letter, Popper does write that the track "Traveler Suite" is being held for "an upcoming project where it will play a more congruent role," though he wouldn't say what that project will be.

The band has also announced that while they won't be appear on this year's H.O.R.D.E. tour - Neil Young will headline, and rumors have Beck joining as well - they will play a few select American dates before starting a European tour. The dates include the Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans on May 1, the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis on May 2, and Red Rocks in Denver on July 3-4. Popper also writes that guitarist Chan Kinchla is set to marry in May, and drummer Brendan Hill is getting hitched in June.