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Blues Traveler, "Truth Be Told" ** 1/2
by Jeff Wisser
Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago, IL
Jul 13th, 2003

The well-named Sanctuary label attempts to reclaim another burned-out act from the scrap heap with this initially promising but ultimately uneven disc from John Popper and Blues Traveler.

Through the album's first three-quarters, Popper's virtuosic but meandering harmonica solos are kept in check, his band is focused and ferocious and Popper's often overmannered vocals, which suggest a Cat Stevens on a hot tin roof, are not too grating. But it all bogs down late in the game, as the band returns to its old tricks, giving way to the musical blathering that is the undoing of many a so-called jam band.

Still, there is much to recommend Truth Be Told, and it is the band's best effort in years. "Truth" has its virtues, but, alas, the "Truth" also hurts.