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Summer Concert Tours: H.O.R.D.E.
U. Magazine, National
Apr 14th, 1998

Call it the seven year itch. After founding the HORDE festival six years ago and performing on the first five tours, Blues Traveler decided to take a break last summer and play the European festival circuit instead. But as this, the seventh HORDE year approached, they realized something was off.

"We really kind of missed it all," says guitarist Chan Kinchla. "It's just a lot of fun traveling around the country with all these great bands. We just missed the whole experience."

In past years, the experience known as "Horizons of Rock Developing Everywhere" has included a variety of performers, including everyone from Phish to Lenny Kravitz to the Black Crowes.

"We got the chance to play with great musicians and different kinds of bands that we wouldn't necessarily be exposed to on a regular basis with our own tours," Kinchla says. "You trade ideas, you sit in with each other - it's great to be exposed to all of this different music. That was the original idea."

Of all the summer festival extravaganzas, HORDE traditionally has been known not only as one of the most successful tours, but also as the most down-to-earth. And that's the point, Kinchla says.

"The bands are all really good and have a good following, but there's no real mainstream act like there's been in the past couple of years," he says. "I think that's going to make it more of an even show, which I'm really looking forward to."

What can fans expect? "The tour is actually taking on a really nice kind of organic, low-key vibe," Kinchla says. "We say we're coming in under the radar."

Be on the lookout.