Maggie May project

Track Listing:
1. Maggie May
2. Yesterday's Coffee
3. Wishing Well

Date of release: 1989

The Maggie May project was described by Luke McCormick thusly back in 1995:

It's part of a three-song demo that Avram Lavinsky put together near the end of the Dreamspeak era. "Maggie May" has a little story at the beginning (narrated by Popper), then launches into a funky tune based on a syncopated synthesizer bass riff, with Popper and Avram trading licks on top of it. Avram sings it, with Tom Kaelin singing the break in a rare vocal performance.
"Gordon (formerly of Dreamspeak)" (Gordon Clay, aka "Nappy G." - leader of the successful Acid Jazz group Groove Collective), while he *was* in dreamspeak at the time, is not on this tape. It's Avram, Popper, Tom, and singer Michelle Lewis.
The other two songs are "Yesterday's Coffee" and "Wishing Well". Both are really terrific songs - Avram's an amazing songwriter, as any old fans of Dreamspeak out there can attest.