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Blues Traveler
May 14th, 1991
Bands Together benefit
New York

Set 1
Band Segue Jam>
Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
Ivory Tusk
Sweet Pain
Warmer Days
What's For Breakfast

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Show notes:
   Benefit for the Children's Health Fund; show hosted by Dennis Miller and Dave Herman.
   Band billed as "Chan's Fruits and Vegetables".

   Sweet Pain - Kevin Trainor on guitar
   Warmer Days - Joan Osborne on vocals, Arnie Lawrence on saxophone

Show lineup:
   Wild Bill Durkin
   Ron Sunshine
   The World Famous Blue Jays
   Joan Osborne
   Mumbo Gumbo
   Jono Manson & the Mighty Sweetones
   Loup Garou
   Surreal McCoys
   Blues Traveler
   Blue Chieftains

Show statistics:
   Set 1 contains 6 songs.
   The entire show contains 6 songs.

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