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Blues Traveler
March 23rd, 1991
Cabaret Metro

Set 1
Mulling It Over
Warmer Days
Trust In Trust>
Sweet Talking Hippie
Dropping Some NYC>
As We Wonder
What's For Breakfast
Ivory Tusk
But Anyway
100 Years>
Sweet Pain
And So It Goes
Crystal Flame
I Have My Moments
All In The Groove

Johnny B. Goode

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Show notes:
   Some songs were broadcast on the WXRT (Chicago) Sunday Night Concert. This broadcast was eventually made into the "Roadshow" bootleg and misdated as 03/03/91.
   WXRT also later made their own promotional disc containing a track from this show (ONXRT 3) and misdated the show as 03/28/91. The 03/23/91 date is correct according to touring schedules.

Show lineup:
   Artistic Feet
   Blues Traveler

Show statistics:
   Set 1 contains 17 songs.
   The encore contains 1 song.
   The entire show contains 18 songs.

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