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Blues Traveler
October 25th, 2005
Fox Theatre

Set 1
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly>
Amber Awaits>
Partner In Crime>
But Anyway
The Devil Went Down To Georgia>
Money Back Guarantee>
The Mountains Win Again>
Believe Me>
Business As Usual>
Mulling It Over
Stumble & Fall>
Love & Greed>
The One>
You Can't Stop Thinking About Me>
Back In The Day
Dropping Some NYC>
Psycho Joe>
Regarding Steven>
Dropping Some NYC>
The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Trina Magna>
Thinnest Of Air>
Trina Magna
NY Prophesie>
Crash Burn

100 Years>
Brother John

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Show lineup:
   Carbon Leaf
   Blues Traveler

Show statistics:
   Set 1 contains 26 songs.
   The encore contains 2 songs.
   The entire show contains 28 songs.

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