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Blues Traveler
November 8th, 2002
Irving Plaza
New York

Set 1
Just For Me>
Regarding Steven>
Cleopatra's Cat
Optimistic Thought>
Mulling It Over>
Crystal Flame
Justify The Thrill
Traveler Suite> (1)
You Reach Me

Set 2
Sweet Talking Hippie>
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly>
Gotta Get Mean>
Price To Pay
Come Together
Fucked Run>
Manhattan Bridge>
Go Outside & Drive>
Low Rider>
Go Outside & Drive

Woke Up This Morning

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Song notes:
   (1) Part III of Traveler Suite: Color Me Gone

   Cleopatra's Cat - Chris Barron on vocals
   Come Together - Chris Barron on vocals
   Woke Up This Morning - Mike Lowry on drums, Ed Harris on guitar, Matt Pierce on flute

Show lineup:
   Lake Trout
   Blues Traveler

Show statistics:
   Set 1 contains 10 songs.
   Set 2 contains 10 songs.
   The encore contains 1 song.
   The entire show contains 21 songs.

Ticket stub:

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