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Blues Traveler
November 28th, 1997
Strand Theatre

Set 1
Love & Greed
Mulling It Over>
But Anyway
Carolina Blues>
Business As Usual
Trina Magna
Crash Burn
The Mountains Win Again>
NY Prophesie
Believe Me (1)
Regarding Steven (2)
Run-Around (3)
Defense & Desire (4)
The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Ivory Tusk
Most Precarious
Make My Way
What's For Breakfast>
Brother John

Johnny B. Goode

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Show notes:
   Show started late and was played as one set because John was pulled over on his way to the show.

Song notes:
   (1) acoustic
   (2) acoustic
   (3) acoustic
   (4) acoustic

   Make My Way - Paul Diethelm on guitar, Bruce McCabe on keyboards

Show lineup:
   Jonny Lang
   Blues Traveler

Show statistics:
   Set 1 contains 19 songs.
   The encore contains 1 song.
   The entire show contains 20 songs.

Ticket stub:

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